How do I update my bank account in Zenefits as an employee?

Note that for security purposes, you cannot edit bank account information. You must add your information as new and delete the old entry.
  1. Log into your Zenefits account and go to the Personal Information app on the dashboard. 
  2. You'll make these changes in the Banks & Paychecks section. 
  3. Click +Add Bank Account to enter the new account. 
  4. Then, adjust the distribution amounts in the bottom section as desired.
  5. Save.
Then, you can delete your old bank account information if it's no longer needed.

These changes may not go into effect until a following pay period. This is dependent on when you update this information in Zenefits, your next check date, and when your administrator carries the change out (if applicable).

Note: Admins will only need to carry out changes if their company is using a third-party payroll service. Admins using Zenefits Payroll will see the changes in real time. 

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