What should I do if I didn't get paid?

If you were expecting payment today and have not yet received it, here are some things to check: 

1. Is Zenefits your payroll provider, or is your company using a third party payroll service integrated with Zenefits?
If Zenefits is not your payroll provider, you will need to speak to the Human Resources (HR) contact that is listed in your Zenefits account, who will work with your payroll provider on the issue.

2. Is it at least noon on the day of the check date? 
It’s common for a direct deposit payment to post late in the morning of the scheduled check date. It will depend on your bank’s processing time, so it's best to reach out to them directly for confirmation of timelines.

3. Have you notified anyone in your company about this issue? 
Reach out to your Human Resources (HR) contact as soon as possible. They will be able to notify you of any known issues and can confirm whether or not you were included on their pay run. 

4. Did you recently change your bank account information? 
If you changed your account information after your administrator processed payroll, the funds would be deposited to your old account. It’s best to update your bank account information at least seven days before you expect a check and let your administrator know so they can confirm if the change has been made in time for the next payroll.

5. Is this your first payment from your company? 
Confirm that you have entered all of your account details correctly. You may also want to reach out to your bank. They may be slower to post deposits from new sources. 

6. Have you reached out to your bank? 
They will have more insight into the status of any pending payments and can inform you if there is any issue with your account. 

If the direct deposit has failed, Zenefits will have limited insight into the status of your deposit until at least three business days after your check date when the recipient bank has notified Zenefits of the failure. When Zenefits has received this alert, we will notify your administrator with next steps.

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