What should I do if my staff reports they did not get paid?

If you were expecting payment today and have not yet received it, here are some things to check: 

1. Is Zenefits your payroll provider, or is your company using a third party payroll service integrated with Zenefits?

If Zenefits is not your payroll provider, you will need to speak with your payroll provider on the issue.

2. Is it at least 5 PM on the day of the check date? 

It’s common for direct deposit payments to post by end of day of the scheduled check date. It will depend on your bank’s processing time. 

3. Have you confirmed the payment method associated with the pay run?
Have you confirmed the individual who was expecting payment has their payment method set to Direct Deposit? If their payment method is check, you will need to manually write or print a check for that person.

4. Has the individual confirmed their bank information is accurate? Have they recently changed their bank account information? 

If the worker changed their account information after payroll is processed, the funds would be deposited to their old account. It’s best to update bank account information at least seven days before an expected check date. 

We also recommend having the worker or individual reach out to their bank directly to see if there was any issue on the bank's end. 

If the direct deposit has failed, Zenefits will have limited insight into the status of your deposit until at least three business days after your check date when the recipient bank has notified Zenefits of the failure. When Zenefits has received this alert, we will notify the appropriate administrator with specific instructions on how to handle. 

For any questions on what to do in the event one of of your workers reports that they entered incorrect banking information, please feel free to contact Zenefits Customer Care team.

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