How can I use the Company Documents section?

The Company Documents section can be used to manage and distribute documents to specific people, or across your whole organization.

Upload Document

Once you're ready to start uploading documents, you'll click the Upload Document button. In the window that pops up, you'll take the following actions.
  • Drag the file(s) into the dotted box to add to Zenefits
  • Name the document(s)
  • Add the document(s) to an existing folder (or create a new folder)
  • Choose which Department(s), Location(s), or specific people have access (if no one is included, only you will have access)
  • Select if you'd like to notify anyone who is granted access (they will receive a task to their Zenefits dashboard)
  • Check if future workers who fit into the filter will automatically be included.

Create Folder

If you'd like to organize your documents into folders, click the Create Folder button. Name the folder, then select which admins have permissions to view or edit the folder.

If the folder owner is later terminated or no longer an admin, the Primary Administrator can update folder permissions.

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