What is the Documents App?

The Documents app can be used by company administrators to view and upload worker-specific documents and organize other files.

For that reason, the Documents app is split into two sections: Worker Documents and Company Documents.

Worker Documents contains any Zenefits system-generated documents and folders specific to individuals:

  • Hiring
    • Offer Letter
    • Employment Eligibility
    • Tax Documents
    • Background Check
  • Handbooks & Agreements
  • Payroll
    • W2
    • 1099
  • Benefits
  • Performance Management
    • Reviews
  • Leave of Absence
  • Other
Any other document categories that you've set up, for example, disciplinary action notes, will also appear here.

Company Documents will not have any documents or folders set up by default. The organization of the folders and documents you want to share broadly is up to you. This category may include company privacy practices, media contacts, department-specific orientation materials. Additionally, each folder and document's visibility is customizable upon setup.

Worker Documents

In the Worker Documents section, you can keep track of your employees' essential documents, such as offer letters, tax documents, and more. At a glance, see who is missing docum... Learn more

Company Documents

In the Company Documents section, you can upload documents and create folders freely. Set up permissions for each folder so other admins in the company can manage its contents. ... Learn more

What is the difference between Worker and Company Documents?

Worker Documents will by default contain any Zenefits system generated documents and folders: Hiring Offer LetterEmployment EligibilityTax DocumentsBackground Check Handb... Learn more

What's the difference between Zenefits generated and custom folders?

Zenefits generated documents and folders cannot be edited or removed. Custom folders can be edited or deleted by the folder creator. Learn more

How can I use the Documents app to audit worker documents?

The Worker Documents portion of the Documents app allows company administrators to easily take inventory of their files by:giving an audit view of your workers' documentsprovidi... Learn more

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