Benefits Implementation Required Documents

Company Level Information 

Benefits Checklist: This document will need to be completed and submitted for all benefits integrations
Medical Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBC) and Ancillary Benefits Summaries for each plan offered 
Rate Sheets displaying rates for each coverage tier for each plan offered (This can usually be found in your renewal packet).
Most recent detailed invoice for each carrier
Multiple lines of coverage may be included on each invoice (e.g., an Anthem Blue Cross invoice may include both medical and dental charges) 

Member (Employee) Level Information 

Enrollment Census: Click here to access our template. The census must include the following employee and dependent information for all enrolled parties:

  • Name (first and last) 
  • Relationship to employee (if dependent) 
  • Date of Birth 
  • Coverage effective date 
  • Whether or not the employee/dependent is enrolled in each line of coverage 
  • If enrolled, which plan they’re enrolled in 
  • Life, AD&D, Long Term Disability, and Short Term Disability Coverage volumes (This information will need to be obtained from your insurance carrier, not calculated based on employee salary)

How to Upload Information Into Zenefits

Once you have these documents and information available, you can upload them securely to your Zenefits account by: 
  • Logging in to your Zenefits admin dashboard and clicking on a task called either "Zenefits Document Request" or “Action Required: Document Upload Request” 
  • Locating the Insurance section of the next page, and uploading all documentation there. Note: Only click ‘Done’ once you have uploaded ALL of your documents. Otherwise, the task will no longer be available.

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