Performance Management

The Performance Management app offers a flexible, user-friendly, fully integrated app that helps you align your workforce around common goals to achieve shared success. Zenefits makes it easy to launch and track review cycles, and to quickly access performance data for groups of individual workers.

Performance Management is seamlessly integrated and displays all of your team's performance data in one place.  Leverage the native integration with the rest of the Zenefits platform to deliver data driven insights utilizing information on performance, benefits, payroll, turnover, and more.

A  mobile first design lets workers and their managers complete the review process whenever and wherever they are, increasing completion rates and reducing time to completion.

Address the unique objectives of your organization and the specific job responsibilities of your workforce.  Get started by leveraging a library of prebuilt review templates and then customize the questions to reflect the unique goals of your company.

For more information, see this guide

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