Getting Started with Zenefits Checklist

Checklist implementation is completely  self-led, so you can get started with Zenefits as quickly as you can upload your information into the system. You'll be given a checklist of tasks to complete on your Getting Started page.

We recommend completing the tasks in the order they're arranged on the screen, however, feel free to skip any as needed. For example, if you will not be using Time Off in Zenefits, or if the policies listed do not meet your needs, then you can select the Skip for Now link within the task to mark it as completed.

Enter Your Company Details

Only enter the company's physical work locations here. Make sure to add all work locations you've had in the calendar  year--even  if they aren't in use at the time of your Zenefits onboarding. We will need all addresses used during the calendar year for annual reporting.

At this time, you won't be able to add any associated work location codes.

Add Your  Workers'  Information

When you get to this task, you have 3 options: add your workers manually (one-by-one), use your own spreadsheet, or download our template to fill out and  re-upload.

If you're interested in learning more about manual entry, check out our guide here.

If you're interested in learning more about using a spreadsheet to enter worker information, check out our guide here.

Note: Once you upload a spreadsheet and complete mapping, you will not be able to start over or upload an additional spreadsheet.

Add Your Payroll Bank Account

You'll have the option to verify your bank account instantly using Plaid, or use manual verification if your banking partner isn't supported through Plaid. The test deposits can be entered in the Billing & Payments tab of the Company Profile app after you've finished the checklist tasks.

Once you receive an email from us that your business account verification process has been completed, you can return to the checklist to upload a voided check or bank statement. Please note that the picture you upload:
  • must be clear and legible
  • must be for a business checking account (no personal accounts)
  • contain the full account number
  • have the company's name and address visible
  • cannot have a PO box for the address
Note that the name and address on the check or statement must match the name and address provided in the Company Details task.

Add Your Tax Information

In this step, you'll provide all required tax information so that you can request to have Zenefits debit and file your taxes on your behalf. You'll need to provide federal tax information, as well as any state tax information for which you specified work locations.

What if I don't have all of my tax information available yet?
You cannot complete implementation without adding your tax account numbers. This is an important step if you want to request Full Service with Zenefits.

What if I don't want Zenefits to file our taxes?
No problem. If you wish to be Calculate Only in Zenefits, let the implementation team know by reaching out to them via the chat window in the bottom right, or scheduling a phone call, on your Getting Started page.

What if I haven't registered in these jurisdictions yet?
We understand it can be confusing to track down the various tax agencies, so we've compiled a registration guide for every state here for you.

Please note that entering incorrect information in this section will have downstream effects on your company that Zenefits may not be able to assist with. You will need to keep these fields current according to any notices you receive.

Set Up Your Pay Schedule

Even if you won't be using Zenefits Payroll, your pay schedule will be used for other areas of Zenefits, like Time & Attendance, Pay Connect, accurate reporting, etc.

If you select a  semi-monthly  pay schedule, and the month in which you're setting up only has  30  days , then the the schedule will default to the  30th  instead of the last day of the month. If this will be an issue for your company, please contact your Zenefits implementation team through chat, email, or phone, to have this fixed.

The first pay date you select is for setup purposes, and may not actually be the first pay date, depending on when your implementation with Zenefits is complete.

Designate Your Signatory

We recommend waiting until after the Add Your Tax Information task has been completed. This is because all of the Power of Attorney forms will generate based on the tax jurisdictions populated. If you complete this step prior to completing the tax setup task, you'll have additional forms to complete.

Onboarding  Documents

onboarding doc collection

What if I don't have prior payroll to import?

No problem. Chat, or set up a call, with an implementation team member and they'll bypass the requirement for you!

What if I don't have all of my prior payroll information ready?

This will block your implementation with Zenefits. In order to have a smooth and speedy implementation process, you will need to provide all prior payroll proof through the document upload system.

How do I know what to provide you with? The documents you're asking for don't align with my current payroll provider's information.

No problem, we understand that different companies use different terminology. We've created a guide here that will help you understand what reports or data Zenefits is requesting from you.

Once you finish uploading prior payroll documents, our team will review what you've provided. If there are any issues with the documents that were uploaded to the system, you'll receive an email from the team. The email will detail what is required to continue with implementation.

If all the documents you've uploaded are accepted, then you will not receive any communication from the Implementation team, and your payroll account will be marked as active (provided that you complete the rest of the checklist tasks).

Preview Emails

Once you've completed all the onboarding tasks, you'll see the option to invite your workers to register their Zenefits accounts via email. By clicking the Preview Email button, you can decide if you'd like to send invitation emails now, or skip for now and go straight to your Zenefits admin dashboard. 

Post Checklist Implementation Tasks

While the initial checklist of tasks has been completed, it's important to note that other apps in Zenefits may require additional setup. For example, if any of the documentation you uploaded isn't accepted, you will also need to provide that before your account is activated. 

You'll be prompted to take a tour of your new dashboard after you've completed the checklist tasks. We highly recommend using this time to set up your Hiring app, customize Time Off policies, and add any integrated apps.

During this time, the implementation team will review the documentation you uploaded in the checklist, and reach out for any necessary corrections prior to your payroll account being activated.

The following documents will be collected from you by the Zenefits Implementation team. If you'd prefer to have a PDF version, you can download it here.


  • Company Details
    (EIN, legal name, legal address)
  • Employee Demographic Information


  • Company pay schedule
  • Detailed payroll journal with earnings and deductions*
  • Year to date payroll history*
  • Federal and state tax reports
  • Quarterly wage and tax report (941)
  • Company bank account
  • Copy of voided check


(One of the following documents must be provided for each plan offered by the company)
  • Summary of benefits & coverage
  • Rate sheet
  • Invoice
  • Contract and/or renewal packet
  • Waiting period for new hires
  • Employer contribution for employees and dependents
*If switching payroll providers at the start of a new quarter, Zenefits requires a detailed journal for each closed quarter in the current year. If switching payroll providers mid-quarter, Zenefits required a detailed journal for each individual pay run in current quarter and a detailed journal for each closed quarter in the current year.

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