Step 1: Setting Up Company Profiles

It’s very important to set up company profiles thoroughly and accurately as early as possible. All apps point back to the Company Profile and Directory app data. Without a complete picture of your company and employee information, the setup of other apps may be incomplete. 


The Zenefits platform is a customizable set of apps designed with you in mind. To get started, you will need to configure your admin dashboard. If you haven’t already, take this training for an introduction to the admin dashboard and for what to expect while setting up.

The first steps to setting up the admin dashboard are to enter your company information and to add your current employees. You can complete these steps all at once or save and come back.


After reading this article, you'll be able to:
  • set up your Company Profile app
  • understand how this app interacts with other apps within Zenefits


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When you first created an account, you’ll have entered your name, email, company name, company zip, company phone, and a password. Your email will be the login for your account moving forward, and your password is for your account alone. All other employees will have their own accounts with their own unique logins

Once you've created an account and can login, you’ll need to add some additional information about your company. Your account will automatically drop you into a setup flow to confirm your company information and to start loading your employees. If you exit out of this or need to change your company information, click the Company Profile app (the first tile under “Apps” on the main admin dashboard). 

The rest of this article covers information included in the Company Profile app, the foundation of your account's setup process.

General Information & Tax Info

It’s important that we have accurate company name info on file including your company's Legal Name and Doing Business As (DBA). 

  • Find your company’s legal business name on Form SS-4, Federal EIN Assignment, or on a corporate tax return such as Form 94. Note that any changes to the company legal name will need to be made through Zenefits Support moving forward.
  • If applicable, enter your company’s DBA or trade name. What's a DBA?

If you’re setting up Zenefits Payroll, you’ll also want to include your company’s NAICS code. Learn more, or use this lookup tool to find the appropriate code.

You’ll also see areas to enter EIN, SIC Code, Date Established, State of Incorporation, and so on. This information is important so that we can correctly handle your payroll and more, depending on the features you set up.
  • An EIN (or FEIN) is a Federal Employer Identification Number that is used to identify a business entity and is assigned to the business owner by the IRS. 

Plan Info

This is where you see which Zenefits tier you’re currently on.

Billing & Payments

Here you can add or change your company bank information and view your Zenefits billing history.

Addresses & Departments

Adding all of your company addresses and departments ensures that Zenefits can accurately interact with your workers, especially for state compliance, tax, and insurance purposes.

We recommend adding work locations and departments as soon as possible. Work locations should include all offices as well as the home address of any remote workers. This step is especially important if you are using the Payroll product. Later, you’ll assign employees to work locations. You can find steps for adding a work location here. For a list of supported international locations, see here.

From here, you can create departments, which allows you to further customize your other apps down the road. 


If you have created a new account, you will be listed by default as the primary admin. You can also add additional administrators and adjust permissions. Some companies like to add admins for specific purposes (e.g., HR Admin, Payroll Admin, Benefits Admin), and it’s up to you to decide what each admin can and cannot see.

Individual Permissions 

Manager and worker level permissions let you control and define what non-admins can and can't see or do within Zenefits. These permissions are separate from admin permissions; managers and workers do not have the ability to make changes at the company level. Managers can only make changes to those who report to them, and all permissions can only be altered by admins. Note that you can also restrict which admins have permissions to alter other employees’ permissions.

To learn more about the manager experience, check out our Zenefits 101: Managers course and My Team guide! 

Custom Integrations 

If you want to link your Zenefits account with a third party app that is not part of our directory, this is where you’ll find your token to allow your developers to build a custom integration. Note that this token does grant access to your company and employee data so it should only be given to trusted users.


To protect the information of both your company and your workers, we provide you with a built-in, professional-grade, two-factor authentication system. What is a two-step login?

Have questions? Check out our FAQ about Implementation.

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