Step 3: Navigating the Zenefits Dashboard

What's the dashboard?

The dashboard is the Zenefits homepage. From the dashboard, you can easily access any app. The dashboard is used as the starting point for many of the instructions you'll find in Zenefits resources. Every dashboard will look a little different depending what your company uses Zenefits for. It can be customized to include apps and integrations for all of your company's needs.


You can find some training videos going over the Zenefits dashboard experience below. Note there are multiple versions of this course created for different audiences: admins, workers, and managers.
We recommend that you explore the courses in addition to referencing these articles, as the courses expand upon the information included here. 

The admin dashboard has tasks, apps, and quick links, among other useful tools.

Admins who are also individual workers will notice an option to toggle between the Admin and Personal dashboard view. This option is located at the top of the page. Personal dashboards function on an individual level; this is where you can update your personal information, make changes to your benefits elections, and so on. Company-level decisions, however, need to be done from the admin view.

Admin Personal Toggle

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