Step 4: Setting Up Hiring


When you set up the Hiring app, you're creating a framework for your company's hiring process. Instead of manually customizing hiring documents each time you hire a new worker, you'll create company level templates which will automatically customize based on the elements that apply to each particular new hire.


By the end of this section, you'll know how to set up the Hiring app. 

How to Set Up Hiring

To get started, first click on the Hiring app and then Set Up Hiring. You'll be directed to the Hiring setup flow, which will guide you step by step through configuring your company's hiring documents and settings in Zenefits.

Step 1: Set up an Offer Letter template. You can set up as many offer letters as you need to accommodate your company's needs.

Step 2: Add the company's Employee Handbook. Upload in PDF format, and create your handbook acknowledgment template.

Step 3: Add any Hiring Agreements. During the hiring flow, you'll be able to check and uncheck agreement templates so that new hires only sign the ones that are applicable to them and their role.

Step 4: Create a custom Welcome Letter. This will be delivered to new hires via email once they complete onboarding.

Step 5: Choose if you'd like to set up Background Checks. These are done through Zenefits' background check partner, Checkr. You can find more information on background checks through Zenefits here.

Step 6: Set up your non-exempt employee notice. If your company does not hire non-exempt employees who work in CA, NY, or DC, this step does not apply to you. You can bypass this step by clicking I'll do this later.

Step 7: Choose which Optional Onboarding Questions you'd like to ask your workers during onboarding. You can choose from some popular optional onboarding questions Zenefits has pre-populated, or you can add as many of your own as you'd like through the Custom Fields section.

Congratulations- you have now completed your Hiring configuration in Zenefits! To hire a new worker, click Hire from either the Directory or Hiring app.


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