The Company Hub: Viewing Linked Accounts

If you have multiple accounts in Zenefits that you access through the same login credentials, you'll be taken to the Company Hub upon login.

In the Company Hub, you'll have the option to go to the dashboard for any of your linked accounts. At a glance, you'll be able to see the name and logo of each company, any administrator roles you play, total headcount, and how many pending tasks you have yet to complete.

You'll have the option to search for your companies in the search bar in the upper right, or thumb through the pages using the arrows in the bottom right.

If you wish to add a new account to your login, you can click + Add Account. You'll also have the option to add a new company to your Company Hub during the registration process.

To remove a company from your Company Hub, click Unlink. Note that this won't delete the company from Zenefits. If you'd like to delete a company from Zenefits, you'll need to contact Zenefits Customer Care.

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