What reports can I run in the Company Hub?

Full company admins will be able to run reports for multiple organizations from the Company Hub. The reporting functionality is similar to the Custom Reports section of Business Intelligence

  1. From the Company Hub, click on the Reports tab.
  2. Click Create Report.
  3. Name your report (note: no duplicate names allowed!).
  4. Configure the columns and filters to create the report.
  5. Once you have all desired fields, press Save.
  6. To download, click View Report.
  7. To schedule the report to automatically send, click the stacked dots in the right corner.
  8. Select the frequency:
    • Daily (weekdays only/every day)
    • Weekly (select which day of the week)
    • Monthly (sent the first of the month)
Note: You will only be able to run reports in the Company Hub for companies where you are a Full Company Admin.

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