Customer Care

Learn how to contact Zenefits customer care team via Zen Assist chat system.

1. Click the blue chat box on the bottom right-hand corner of the Zenefits Dashboard screen.

2. Type your question or issue and click the orange box.

3. Review the suggested responses.

4. Click the contact support button if the suggested responses do not help.

5. Click the topic related to your question or issue.

6. Review the contact options available for support.

7. Contact the customer care team.

Note: Please have your Support ID (Zenefits ID) and if provided, your Support Reference Number (Case Number) ready when contacting the customer care team. 

Customer Care hours are 7AM to 4PM PST.

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Support Reference Number

A Support Reference Number (also referred to a Case Number) is a unique identifier related to each of your customer care cases and can be found under the recommended support phone number. This will help with verifying your account and routing your question or issue to the appropriate agent to quickly address it. If you are given a Support Reference Number, make sure to save it because it is used to prioritize your case and route your call to the proper support channel.

Support ID

A Support ID (previously called a Zenefits ID) is given to every worker in Zenefits. It can be found by logging in to your Zenefits account and clicking on the profile icon (photo you uploaded or your initials) in the upper right corner. In the drop-down menu, you’ll see your Support ID number. Additionally, many companies use the Zenefits IDs for reporting purposes.

Questions & Answers for Support ID

How can I get the Zenefits IDs for all of my workers?

You can do this by running a custom report in the Business Intelligence app.

This number looks different than I remember, has something changed?

Yes, great observation. Zenefits reorganized and reassigned numbers based off of the company and its workers, so that Zenefits IDs within an organization make chronological sense.

Can I customize our Zenefits IDs?

No, Zenefits IDs are built into the system and cannot be customized. You can include your company's ID number system as custom fields.

I used our Zenefits IDs for other reporting purposes. Is there a way to download a report of all of my workers previous Zenefits IDs?

Yes, if you wish to obtain a mapping of your old & new Zenefits IDs, please contact our Customer Care team.

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