What's a Zenefits ID?

A Zenefits ID is given to every worker in Zenefits. You can find your workers’ Zenefits IDs on their Profile under Account Info, or in Business Intelligence reports.

How can I get the Zenefits IDs for all of my workers?

You can do this by running a custom report in the Business Intelligence app.

This number looks different than I remember, has something changed?

Yes, great observation. Zenefits reorganized and reassigned numbers based off of the company and its workers, so that Zenefits IDs within an organization make chronological sense.

Can I customize our Zenefits IDs?

No, Zenefits IDs are built into the system and cannot be customized. You can include your company's ID number system as custom fields.

I used our Zenefits IDs for other reporting purposes. Is there a way to download a report of all of my workers' previous Zenefits IDs?

Yes, if you wish to obtain a mapping of your old & new Zenefits IDs, please contact our Customer Care team.

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