Q3 2020 Payroll Deadlines

Tax Filing Action Items 

When managing your payroll, it’s important to note key dates to ensure that Zenefits is able to file and make payments on your behalf in a timely and accurate manner. 

Check key information: 
Validate your company’s information is up to date. Verify that you've entered a tax ID in payroll for every state where your employees live or work, for instance (note: account numbers must be in the correct format per jurisdiction regulations in order to be accepted during filings) 
Verify your workers’ personal information (name, address/work location, SSN, etc) is correct and up to date 
Verify your workers’ payroll data is correct. Double check that their earnings and deductions total up to the amount you expect and that you haven’t forgotten to account for any manual or voided checks 
Confirm that the tax rates for every state have been updated to the accurate percentage 
If you have received any outstanding tax notices from any tax agencies, contact Customer Care to investigate further 

Key Dates for 3rd Quarter 2020
September 21st
Last day to submit payroll corrections for Q3 filings 
Any requests after this date may require an amendment to the respective agencies. Currently, a date is not available for amendments to be completed 

September 28th
Last day to submit Level of Service change requests to Full Service for Q3 filings 
Requests submitted after September 28th will not be completed in time for Q3 filings 

You are responsible for review and final approval of payroll information, tax information, and final payments for tax services. Zenefits is entitled to rely on the tax balances reported to Zenefits by you or any previous provider, and will not be liable for any tax deficiencies, interest charges, and/or penalty assessments relating to payroll information, tax information, and final payments for tax services that were reported by and/or approved by you (or your previous provider, as applicable)
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