How does Pay Connect work?

Pay Connect is a one-way connection that works by matching employees between Zenefits and their ADP or Paychex  account. When changes are made to employee information in Zenefits, the connection makes these same changes in the payroll account.

The Connection in Action

  1. During initial setup, Zenefits reads the information in the payroll account, and matches employees in payroll with the same employees in Zenefits.
    • Before setting up Pay Connect , be sure to follow this guide to ensure all your employees information will be synced successfully.
  2. From that point on, changes made to employees' information will trigger a push of the updates to the employee's information in payroll account in order to keep both Zenefits and payroll synced.

If payroll is synced, all changes to information that will push to payroll should be made in Zenefits, as the system of record, for two reasons:

  • Changes made directly in payroll will not be communicated back to Zenefits.
  • Zenefits cannot determine the cause or time of changes made directly in payroll.

Troubleshooting Pay Connect Issues

Refer to this FAQ page for any questions for adding employees.

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