Cancelling My Zenefits Account

Annual subscriptions may be changed at renewal, but not mid-contract. This applies to all subscription details including:

  • Pricing - the pricing included in your current subscription, including any discounts and credits that appear on your invoices
  • Seat count - the number of available users in your account; you can view the complete seat count policy here
  • Products - the Zenefits products and features included in your subscription; for example, Essentials, Zenefits Payroll, Benefits Administration, etc.
  • Contract length - the duration of your contract in years/months 

For example, if you provide notice on June 1st that you would like to discontinue using Zenefits Payroll, but your contract renews on January 1st, your subscription will continue to include Zenefits Payroll until your subscription renews, and subsequent invoices will include Zenefits Payroll charges through January 1st. After January 1st, Zenefits Payroll would no longer be on the invoice.

Monthly subscriptions may be changed or amended at any time with 30 days advance notice.

For example, if you provided notice on June 1st that you’d like to remove a product from your subscription, and your monthly bill date is June 10th, the change would take effect for your July 10th billing date. Your June 10th invoice would still reflect charges for that product, and you’ll retain access to that product through July 10th.

To provide notice that you’d like to cancel your account, please reach out to our Customer Care Team.

Annual subscriptions may be changed at renewal, but not mid-contract. You may provide notice of your intent not to renew at any point up until 30 days before your scheduled renewal date. However, your subscription will not be cancelled until that renewal date. You are responsible for any outstanding billing amounts that will come due between the cancellation request and the renewal date.

For example if you provide notice that you would like to cancel on June 1st, but your annual subscription renews on January 1st, your subscription will remain active and you will continue to be billed as normal through January 1st.

Monthly subscriptions may be cancelled at any time with 30 days advance notice. 

For example, if you provided notice of your intent to cancel on June 1st, and your next monthly invoice date is June 10th, your account cancellation would be effective starting with your July 10th billing date. You’ll retain full access through that cancellation date of July 10th.

Zenefits does not offer refunds for unused months on annual contracts. Customers on annual subscriptions are responsible for the payment of their subscription amounts in full through their scheduled subscription renewal date.

Following the cancellation of your subscription, your account will automatically enter a 30 day trial of Read Only Access. During that trial period, administrators and employees will have limited access to their account and will not be able to make any changes to their data or settings. 

Administrators will have access to the following apps: Company Profile, Documents, & Business Intelligence. If you had Zenefits Payroll, check out the Business Intelligence app to access payroll reporting. To view your worker's profiles you can click directly on their avatar at the top of your dashboard, select "See all" or navigate to the "Documents App" to view all of their profiles. 

Workers will have access to their Personal Information app. If your company had Zenefits Payroll, workers will also be able to access their Paystubs app. 

During this trial period, we highly recommend that you export any documents and information you’ll need access to in the future. You can access the bulk download from Company Profile > Documents Download or directly from the Documents app there is an option at the top of the screen to download all documents. 

If you’d like to retain access to your account following the trial period, Read Only Access can be purchased as an annual subscription from the Renewals & Upgrade Center in your Company Profile app.

If you’re inquiring about (1) an existing request to cancel or change your subscription, or (2) an account that’s already been cancelled, please contact the Zenefits Customer Care team directly. You can do that by following the steps below:

  1. Log into your Zenefits account.
  2. Select the Support & Education tile from your dashboard.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click Contact Us.
  4. Select your preferred contact method and answer a couple of questions to help assist in properly routing your request.

Still need our help? Our support team is waiting to help you. Contact us