FAQs About Pricing

Our demo plan is free to use and includes Hiring and Onboarding, a Directory, and most of our core HR apps. It’s the simplest way to discover what all-in-one HR can do for you.

Yes. Whenever you add employees, they are reflected in your bill the following month. For annual contracts, you are billed the total prorated amount based on the number of months remaining on your contract. The billing is based off when the employee has completed onboarding.  For example, if an employee completes onboarding  in March for an April hire date, the company will be billed at the beginning of April, not May. 

If you are on a monthly contract: 

If you downsize mid-month, you will be billed at the new rate the following month. 

If you are on an annual contract: 

Annual contracts are pre-paid for a specified number of seats. If an employee  leaves your company, their seat remains active (and could be filled by a new hire at no additional cost). Customers cannot reduce the number of seats until the end of the annual contract. 

Yes, employees who are on leave must be tracked for HR records, compliance, and more, and are therefore included in your billable headcount.

Yes, part-time employees must be tracked for HR records, compliance, and more, and are therefore included in your billable headcount.

Once an employee completes the Zenefits onboarding process and their account becomes active.  You are billed for that employee the following month.

Zenefits billing for paid plans are based on per employee per month charges. These charges include the following employee types: 
  • Full Time Employees 
  • Part Time Employees 
  • Interns
These all count towards the employee count.

If you are on an annual contract and terminate an employee, that will free up "seats" which can be filled as you hire new employees. 

For annual contracts, Zenefits will not be able to issue refunds for seats occupied by employees terminated after the billing date. 

For monthly contracts, Zenefits will bill based on the number of employees on each invoice date. There are no partial refunds for mid-month terminations. 

Please note that there is a 5 employee minimum. This means that if you have less than 5 employees, you will still be charged for 5.

Contingent workers follow a different pricing pattern. More details can be found in this section.

Zenefits is happy to offer many of our features to a new group of workers: contingent workers. With the future of gig work growing, it's important to be prepared for many different types of workers. 

Zenefits is prepared to accommodate these workforce changes by creating the ability for contingent workers to be hired, paid, and more within many of your favorite products. To add your contingent workers to these products, you can expect the following pricing changes:

$6 Per Active Contingent Worker Per Month

This will give you access to hire, pay, and maintain worker records in Zenefits. Contingent worker management capabilities differ based on the package and add-ons you purchase. The available contingent worker functionality includes core HR features, payments, time & attendance tracking and performance management.

When setting up Zenefits Payroll, you'll be given an effective date or start date. This will be the first date that you can approve a pay run in Zenefits. Note that you can create pay runs prior to this date, but you won't be given the option to approve them until the effective date.

The effective date that you choose will be the first day you are charged for Zenefits Payroll. While you will be billed for your base package starting the day you sign up for Zenefits, the charges specific to Payroll will not begin until your effective date.

If you forget your payroll effective date, or you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the salesperson who assisted you, your CSM, or Zenefits Support.

To see how many international workers you've had in the past, you can use the pre-made Headcount Chart, or create a custom point-in-time report. International workers are workers who are active in Zenefits and work in a non-US location.

Option 1: Headcount Chart

  1. Navigate to the Business Intelligence app
  2. Click on Pre-made Report section, and then click to view the Headcount chart
  3. Filter your Locations to those that are located outside of the US
  4. Check the time period you want shown
  5. Change “Segment by” from Department to Location
  6. Change “View by” from Percentage to People

The chart will show you the count of active workers at those locations by month, as of the last day of the month.

Note: If your billing date is not at the end of the month, there may be discrepancies between the number of active international workers at the end of the month and your billing date.

Option 2: Point-in-time Custom Report

  1. Navigate to the Business Intelligence app
  2. Click on Custom Reports and then the “Click Report” button
  3. Name your report. You can select “Headcount” as the report Template
  4. For Report Type, check the Point-in-Time checkbox. This allows you to pull a report specific to a particular date in the past.
  5. On the Select Fields step, make sure you have enough info to identify individuals e.g., their work location, active or terminated status, employment type, and worker type.
  6. On the Field Order step, arrange your fields in the order you want your columns ordered.
  7. On the Select Workers step, select the radio button for workers by type. The criteria for Worker Type should be International. In Options, check the Include International Workers box.
  8. Complete the rest of the steps to create your custom report
  9. Click “Run Report” on the custom report you just created to generate the report.
  10. For historical data, enter the Effective Date for the data you want to see. For example, the date of an invoice.
  11. Click “Download” to download and view your data.

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