How many international workers have I had?

To see how many international workers you've had in the past, you can use the pre-made Headcount Chart, or create a custom point-in-time report. International workers are workers who are active in Zenefits and work in a non-US location.

Option 1: Headcount Chart

  1. Navigate to the Business Intelligence app
  2. Click on Pre-made Report section, and then click to view the Headcount chart
  3. Filter your Locations to those that are located outside of the US
  4. Check the time period you want shown
  5. Change “Segment by” from Department to Location
  6. Change “View by” from Percentage to People

The chart will show you the count of active workers at those locations by month, as of the last day of the month.

Note: If your billing date is not at the end of the month, there may be discrepancies between the number of active international workers at the end of the month and your billing date.

Option 2: Point-in-time Custom Report

  1. Navigate to the Business Intelligence app
  2. Click on Custom Reports and then the “Click Report” button
  3. Name your report. You can select “Headcount” as the report Template
  4. For Report Type, check the Point-in-Time checkbox. This allows you to pull a report specific to a particular date in the past.
  5. On the Select Fields step, make sure you have enough info to identify individuals e.g., their work location, active or terminated status, employment type, and worker type.
  6. On the Field Order step, arrange your fields in the order you want your columns ordered.
  7. On the Select Workers step, select the radio button for workers by type. The criteria for Worker Type should be International. In Options, check the Include International Workers box.
  8. Complete the rest of the steps to create your custom report
  9. Click “Run Report” on the custom report you just created to generate the report.
  10. For historical data, enter the Effective Date for the data you want to see. For example, the date of an invoice.
  11. Click “Download” to download and view your data.

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