Billing and Package Changes: How will this affect me?

Invoice Change Summary 

As of August 1, 2018, Zenefits will use a new billing system to simplify billing and renewals. This transition includes two major changes:

1. Starting with your October 2018 bill*, instead of being billed on the first of the month, your billing date will now be on your anniversary date, regardless of where it falls in the month. 
  • Annual and Termed Contracts: Customers with a contract duration any longer than a single month will now be billed on the anniversary date (1st-31st) of their original contract. The billing increment--annual or otherwise--is dependent upon each contract. If you add employees or have a monthly product on a termed agreement, you will be billed on your monthly anniversary date.
  • Monthly Contracts: Customers who joined prior to September 1, 2018 will continue to receive their bills on the first of the month. Customers who joined subsequent to September 1 will receive bills on their anniversary date. 
2. Starting with your October invoice, if you are currently on a Silver package, your invoice will show Advanced as your new package title. This change is in name only; it has no effect on the pricing and products that your company uses.

* If you renewed September 2-30 of 2018, you will see this change earlier than other groups due to the timing of our change in billing systems. Groups renewing in September will renew upon their anniversary date.

Can I keep the 1st of the month for annual billing? 

Unless your anniversary date is already the first of the month, your billing date will be moved. Our Customer Care representatives are able to provide your current anniversary date.

Will I still receive an email invoice?  

All primary admins will continue to receive invoices.

How do I edit my payment information? 

After logging in, access your Company Profile app and click Billing & Payments. Click on the pencil icon to make changes.

Am I losing time on my contract or being double charged?  

Neither! If you signed up for a 12 month contract in October 2017, you would be charged November 1 for 12 months. Since your access to Zenefits began in October, you would have had access for the full twelve months for which you've paid.

Can I be billed outside my renewal period? 

Yes, for non-monthly groups that add users during the contract period. If your organization has grown from its original number of users (for example, you add two additional employees), you would be billed once for each product or service those two employees utilize.

Additionally, if you add workers or have a monthly product on a termed agreement, you will be billed on your monthly anniversary date. 

Will I get monthly invoices when I don’t add users that month?

Nope! We do not generate $0 invoices for our customers.

Why is my bill higher in October 2018?

If you are on an annual/termed agreement and signed up with Zenefits prior to September 1, 2018, you have the potential to have a higher bill in October. This is due to the change in our billing systems and a one-time proration as we switch from first of the month to monthly "anniversary" dates.

You may see a higher bill if you:
  • are renewing in October.
  • have a monthly payment schedule.
  • add 1+ users between September 1 and your October "anniversary", even if you are not renewing in October.

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