How to Use Scheduling

Scheduling is included in all of the Zenefits pricing plans: Zen, Growth, and Essentials.

To change the start of your work week:

  • Since the start of the work week is being pulled from Time & Attendance, you'll change your work week through your Time & Attendance settings.

To sync Time Off info into your Scheduling app:

  • PTO will automatically sync into Scheduling as long as you are signed up with a Zenefits package that includes Time Off and have a PTO policy set up. If you do not have Time Off included in your Zenefits package, then PTO information will not be able to be synced to Scheduling.

To set up Positions for use in Scheduling:

  • If you click on the Positions view from the Scheduling calendar, you'll be brought to the Positions tab of the Company Profile app. From there, you'll able to set up Positions for use in Scheduling. To learn more about Positions, check out our article here!

Views and filters

Admins can see total scheduled hours daily at the top of each date's column, and total scheduled hours weekly per row. 

Admins can choose to view the schedule by People or by Position by selecting either option from the dropdown  next to the date selection. 

Admins can also further group this filter by Departments or by Locations by selecting from the dropdown next to the selected view.

Scheduling shifts

Admins can schedule shifts for anyone in the company. Managers will only be able to schedule shifts for their subordinates. The steps they take to schedule and edit these shifts will be the same.

    To enter a shift

    1. From the Scheduling app, click on the date you'd like to add a shift, or Add Shift from the toolbar.
    2. To save the shift, you must have a valid date & time.
    3. Either publish the shift now by clicking Save & Publish, or Save to return to the calendar without publishing.
    4. Once you Publish a shift, workers receive a notification that their schedule has been updated.
    At this time, meal breaks cannot be added to a shift.

    To copy an entire week's shift

    1. Click on the three stacked dots menu at the top right corner of the calendar.
    2. Click on Copy From Another Week.
    3. Select the week you'd like to copy.
    4. Click Copy to copy the week you're viewing.

    To edit a shift

    1. Click on the shift you'd like to edit.
    2. Make any desired adjustments.
    3. Either Save to return to the calendar without notifying the worker, or Save & Publish the shift to notify the worker of any changes.

    To delete a shift

    1. Hover over the shift you'd like to remove.
    2. Click the three stacked dots menu in the upper right corner of the shift.
    3. Select Delete Shift.

    1. Select the shift you wish to delete.
    2. On the pop-up window, click Delete this shift in the lower left corner.

    To publish an edited shift

    1. Make your desired edits on the shift. 
    2. Click on either Save or Save & Publish (to notify the worker).

    Discarding changes

    1. Click on the three stacked dots menu in the upper right corner.
    2. Select Discard Unpublished Shifts.
    3. Confirm that you'd like to continue by clicking Discard.
      *Please note that this will remove any unpublished changes to your current view.

    Clearing the schedule

    1. Click on the three stacked dots menu in the upper right corner.
    2. Click on Clear Schedule.
    3. Confirm that you'd like to continue by clicking Clear Schedule
      *Please note that all shifts (published and unpublished) in your current view will be deleted.
    clear schedule

    Set up recurring shifts

    To set up a recurring shift, you can click Add Shift or select one of the shifts already on the schedule.
    1. Once the shift details have been filled out, check the box next to Recurring Shift
    2. Select how often the shift will reoccur, on which days, and for how long the shift will reoccur (Indefinite means the shift will repeat forever).
    3. Click Save.
    4. All recurring shifts will be notated by the repeat symbol.

    Edit or delete a recurring shift

    1. Select the recurring shift you'd like to make changes to.
    2. Make any changes, if editing.
    3. When saving edits or deleting a recurring shift, you'll be asked if you'd like to apply these changes to one shift, or every recurring shift in that series.
    4. Click Save.
    Delete Edit Recurring

    Printing a schedule 

      1. Click on the three stacked dots menu in the upper right corner.
      2. Select Print, and the print view will display in your browser. 
      Want to learn more about Scheduling for Admins? Check out our free training!

      How to view shifts:

      • Log into your Zenefits account and click on the Scheduling app.
      • By default, you'll be brought to the calendar view of the schedule.
      Workers will not have the ability to edit the schedule.

      How you'll be notified of shifts:

      • When a shift is published, workers will receive a notification via Zenefits inbox task, which will send them an email. At this time, they will not be able to view the calendar on a mobile device.

      Scheduling on Zenefits Mobile App:

      • Workers can access the Scheduling app on Zeneifts Mobile to view their own schedule, as well as other worker’s schedule.
      • In the Mobile view, click more
      • Click Scheduling in the list of app options 

      The schedule conformance report

      • The schedule conformance report allows you to see the difference between  workers' scheduled time and worked time.
      • You must be signed up for Time & Attendance in order to access this report.

      How will I know if a shift is published or unpublished?

      - A published shift will be dark blue, whereas an unpublished shift will be white. Workers can only see the published shifts in their account.

      How will PTO look in the Scheduling app?

      - If you are on a Zenefits package with Time Off and have a PTO policy set up, the shifts will appear grayed out to display the time block of PTO.

      Does Scheduling support international workers?

      - At this time, Scheduling does not support international workers.

      Can I set up Positions directly in Scheduling?

      - You are only able to set up Positions in your Company Profile app.

      Can I customize visibility options in Scheduling?

      - No, there are no custom viewing settings. Workers can see their schedules, but cannot make edits. Managers can see their own schedules and those of their direct reports'. Only main company administrators and administrators with the Time permission can edit and publish.

      Can I export the schedule to an external calendar?

      - Yes, you can follow the steps here.

      How can I switch to a monthly view?

      -At this time, you can only view weekly schedules.

      Time and Attendance must be set up in order to access the Scheduling App

      1. After logging in to your Zenefits admin account, click on the Scheduling app.
      2. The next screen will give you a summary of what Scheduling is all about.
      3. To continue, click on Get Started
      4. Your reporting workers in Time & Attendance will automatically be imported into Scheduling. They'll also be able to see the Scheduling app on their own account as soon as you've enrolled.
      5. After setting up Positions, you'll be able to start scheduling shifts!
      We've listed below any states that have specific laws around scheduling to help keep you compliant as you schedule shifts. Please note that this information does not constitute legal guidance, and is only meant to serve as a resource for you. If you'd like to learn more, all corresponding state webpages are linked.

      Scheduling Law
      California Workers employed in professional, technical, clerical, mechanical, and similar occupations who work a split shift may receive 1 hour's pay at the minimum wage, in addition to the minimum wage for that workday, except when the employee resides at the place of employment; the additional hour of split-shift pay need not be included in computing the RRP.
      Hawaii No employer shall employ any employee in split shifts unless all of the shifts within a 24-hour period fall within a period of 14 consecutive hours, except in case of extraordinary emergency.
      District of Columbia Employer shall pay the employee for 1 additional hour at the minimum wage for each day during which the employee works a split shift. This provision is not applicable to an employee who lives on the premises of the employer.
      New York Employers must compensate employees with 1 hour's pay at the minimum wage rate, in addition to the minimum wage if there is a split shift.

      When looking at the Scheduling app, you may want to know how Zenefits takes different time zones into account.

      As an admin making a schedule, you'll want to use the time that the worker will see. For example, if you want a worker in a different time zone to work 10am-11am  their time, that's what you'll enter. The system will display the exact time as you enter it, without doing any adjusting for time zone.

      As a worker looking at the schedule, your schedule will reflect the time for your shift in your time zone. However, if you are looking at other workers' schedules, you'll need to take into account that the times shown are for their time zone.

      For example, let's say you are a worker that lives in California. Your schedule says you are working 9am-10am. You look at the schedule of a coworker who lives in New York. Their schedule also says they are scheduled to work 9am-10am, however, this is 9am-10am their time in New York, so you would need to take that into account if wanting to switch or trade shifts.

      Employee schedules created in Zenefits can be exported into third party calendar applications via a calendar link. To generate a calendar URL:

      1. Navigate to the Settings page in your Scheduling app
      2. Click +Add Another in Calendar App Sync section
      3. Select the desired filters
        1. All Shifts to view every shift created
        2. Specific Shifts to view shift by location, department or position
        3. Specific Individuals to view a single employee's schedule
      4. Once you've saved, a new group will be added to the list with a URL link
      5. Copy the URL link and paste to your calendar app, which will display your selected shifts.

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