How do time zones work in Scheduling?

When looking at the Scheduling app, you may want to know how Zenefits takes different time zones into account.

As an admin making a schedule, you'll want to use the time that the worker will see. For example, if you want a worker in a different time zone to work 10am-11am  their time, that's what you'll enter. The system will display the exact time as you enter it, without doing any adjusting for time zone.

As a worker looking at the schedule, your schedule will reflect the time for your shift in your time zone. However, if you are looking at other workers' schedules, you'll need to take into account that the times shown are for their time zone.

For example, let's say you are a worker that lives in California. Your schedule says you are working 9am-10am. You look at the schedule of a coworker who lives in New York. Their schedule also says they are scheduled to work 9am-10am, however, this is 9am-10am their time in New York, so you would need to take that into account if wanting to switch or trade shifts.

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