To change the start of your work week:

  • Since the start of the work week is being pulled from Time & Attendance, you'll change your work week through your Time & Attendance settings.

To sync Time Off info into your Scheduling app:

  • PTO will automatically sync into Scheduling as long as you are signed up with a Zenefits package that includes Time Off and have a PTO policy set up. If you do not have Time Off included in your Zenefits package, then PTO information will not be able to be synced to Scheduling.

To set up Positions for use in Scheduling:

  • If you click on the Positions view from the Scheduling calendar, you'll be brought to the Positions tab of the Company Profile app. From there, you'll able to set up Positions for use in Scheduling. To learn more about Positions, check out our article here!

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