FAQs about background checks for employees

All background checks in Zenefits require employee authorization in order for the employee to complete onboarding.

What information is contained in a background check?

All background checks performed by Checkr will perform the following checks. Verify their address history. Search against sex offender lists, terrorist watch lists, and co... Learn more

How much do motor vehicle reports cost and what do they contain?

Administrators can add a motor vehicle report to normal background checks in Zenefits for $5 per report, plus applicable state DMV fees. As part of a background check t... Learn more

Can I request a copy of my background check results?

In general, employees are only entitled to a copy of a background report if it returns negative results and the employer provides a pre-adverse action notification. In Cal... Learn more

Will I get a notification for a negative background check result?

If an employee's background check returns negative results, the employee will receive a pre-adverse action notification from the employer. Recommended Email Response Cop... Learn more

What is a "disclosure regarding background investigation?"

As an employee consents to a background check in Zenefits, they will be provided with a Disclosure Regarding Background Investigation. Below is an example of this discl... Learn more

Who receives background check results?

Once an employee's background check is completed the results of the background are sent to the following: Zenefits cannot provide advice regarding the results of a backgro... Learn more

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