How can I unzip a file?

With some versions of macOS, the zip file downloaded from Zenefits turns into a cpgz file which then turns back into a zip file.  This loop will continue forever.
There are a few ways to unzip the file properly: 

Using RAR Extractor on Mac 

1. Install RAR Extractor Lite from the App store. 

Using Safari Browser on Mac 

1. Open Safari, then select Safari and then Preferences in the top left corner of your screen. 
Safari Preferences - Clean
2. Make sure the Open "safe" files after downloading box is checked. 
Safe Files Box in Safari Download
3. Log into Zenefits using Safari and download the zip file again. When you click the download link Safari will download and unzip it. 

Using Terminal on Mac 

1. Use Spotlight Search (Command + Spacebar) to find Terminal and open the application. 
2. Download the file to the Downloads folder. This is the default setting for most Macs. 
3. Find the file in the Download folder and copy the file name. (It will be in the format 
Screenshot of Downloads Folder
4. In Terminal, enter the following commands: 
      pwd [ return ]
      cd Downloads [return] 
      unzip [paste full file name] [return] 
Terminal of unzip
The file will automatically unzip in the download folder. 

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