Broker Contact Us

What is Broker Contact Us? 

It’s the ability for brokers to submit cases to Zenefits Customer Care directly from the Partner Dashboard and/or the group overview page in Zenefits. 

Why is this product feature important? 

As a broker, you do not need to re-route clients back to Zenefits Customer Care for matters outside of benefits, rather, you can create and submit a case to the Zenefits Customer Care team on behalf of the client. 

What is the difference between submitting a Broker question vs Admin question, in the Broker Contact Us flow? 

The "Admin question" option should be used when a Broker Partner needs Zenefits'  Customer Care team to reach out to clients on issues that the Broker Partner cannot assist with.  
  • Some common examples of this are Commuter benefit issues, HSA/FSA issues,  Zenefits Payroll issues.
The "Broker question" option should be used when a Broker Partner has issues specifically related to the Benefits Administration app.  Prior to submitting issues for "Broker questions" it is important to review your question with your internal broker teams to identify if it is something you can make changes too, without Zenefits' intervention.  
  • Some common examples of these types of questions are things like changing employee effective dates, opening an employee enrollment, processing of fulfillment tasks, and/or updating a group's waiting period.  

How do I access Broker Contact Us? 

From the Partner Dashboard or a Company Overview page: 

  1. Search for the Customer Account in the Search Bar and navigate to the Customer Overview page.
  2. Click the Help icon on the top right corner of your screen.
    broker contact us1

  3. Enter your question into the Zen Assistant!  The Zen Assistant is a power tool that can help you self-solve  issues , without needing to submit a case to Zenefits'  Customer Care team.
    Submitting Questions in Zen Assistant

  4. If you are unable to self-solve your issue with the Zen Assistant's help, scroll to the bottom of the Zen Assistant indow and click "Contact Support."
    Contact Customer Care from Zen Assistant
  5. You'll then be prompted to complete a series of questions within the Contact Us flow, starting with who our Customer Care team should reach out too, you the broker OR an admin or employee with the Customer.Admin or Employee Question - BCU

  6. Lastly, you'll be asked to provide information in the flow on the customer/broker issue prior to submitting the case.  If you are submitting a case on behalf of a customer, please ensure you provide the point of contact for the customer!

    broker contact us4

Submission Requirements

When submitting a case on behalf of a customer, you must include the following information:
  • Customer Point of Contact: Zenefits needs this to confirm information and/or changes to sensitive information with the client. Please provide the admin and/or the employee Zenefits should work with directly.
  • Customer Name: Please provide the group name as listed in Zenefits.
  • Overview of Issue: As much detail and context on the issue as possible. Please include all of the affected employees here.

Who can utilize this product feature?

All Ben Connect users.

How can I tell if a case has been submitted successfully?

After you submit a case, you can see all open cases under the Contact Us button. As soon as the case closes, it will be removed from your view.

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