Debits on Bank Statements For Zenefits Flex Benefits

Depending on the transaction, Zenefits Flex Benefits-related debits may show up differently on a bank statement. Here is what to expect:

Test Debit and Daily Transactions

  • The initial $1 test debit to establish Zenefits Flex Benefits for the first time will come from Med-i-Bank or MBI Bank.
  • The reimbursement for the test debit will occur the following month and will come from Med-i-Bank or MBI Bank.
  • The daily company account debits for any employee transactions will also come from Med-i-Bank or MBI Bank.
  • Claim reimbursements will come from Zenefits Zenefits.
  • Med-i-Bank (also known as MBI Bank) is the bank account used for any transaction-related debits.
The debits mentioned above can all be located using the Invoice tool

Set up and Recurring Fees 

Any setup fees or recurring monthly/annual fees will show on bank statements as YourPeople, Inc.

Authorize your bank account for Zenefits Flex Benefits related debits.

  • Employers will need to add the following entities to make debits from the below referenced account. Please ensure that transactions initiated by these entities are permitted and executed without delay. This authorization shall remain in effect indefinitely or until canceled by an authorized representative of the company. 
Zenefits Administrative Fees
Bank Name: Wells Fargo
ACH Company Name: YourPeople, Inc
ACH Company ID: 1460645293
Routing Number: 09100019

Card Transactions
Bank Name: M&I Bank
ACH Name: Med-I-Bank
ACH Company ID (Card Transactions): 138326866
ACH Company ID (Resubmits): W383261866
ACH Company ID (HSA): 9383261866
Routing Number: 075000051

Manual Claim Reimbursements
Bank Name: BMO Harris
ACH Company Name: Zenefits
ACH Company ID: 3333311835
Routing Number: 071000288

Submitting Bank (ODFI): Harris Bank F/K/A M&I Bank
Company Name (Account Name): Med-I-Bank
Description on Bank Statement: Med-I-Bank SETL MMDD
Routing Number: 075000051
Origination ID: 07500005
Company ID: 1383261866
Company ID for Resubmits: W383261866
Company ID for Manual Resubmits: 3W38326186

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