Submitting Claims with Zenefits Flex Benefits

Employees can submit claims via email or through their Zenefits dashboard for out-of-pocket costs paid for eligible expenses for all types of Zenefits Flex Benefits Accounts.

Documentation and Receipts Required for Flex Benefits Claims

Credit card receipts alone aren’t enough to process a claim. In order to expedite the process, please send easy-to-read receipts that include the following details: ... Learn more

How do I submit HSA reimbursements for out-of-pocket expenses?

HSAs  do not require a claim to be submitted for funds spent out-of-pocket for eligible expenses. Funds can be moved from the HSA to an employee's bank account of choice in ord... Learn more

Submit Zenefits Flex Benefits Claims Through the Dashboard

Each type of Flex Benefits account has a particular form for claims. Recommended Email Response Copy and paste the below text as part of the Answer section of the email ... Learn more

Submit a Commuter Benefits Claim through the Zenefits Mobile App

Once you are logged in to the Zenefits mobile app, select More on the main screen, then Flex Accounts. From there, select the account for which you'll submit the claim. Have the... Learn more

What happens when submitting claims for less than the invoice amount?

If the amount on an invoice exceeds the amount of available funds, it's possible to submit a claim for the remainder of the funds in your account. When submitting a claim, ... Learn more

What documentation is needed when submitting claims for Orthodontic Purchases?

Orthodontic purchases require additional documentation. To confirm orthodontic purchases as eligible expenses, Zenefits needs: Proof of payment (bills and credit card receipt... Learn more

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