How to View Pay Stubs in the Zenefits Mobile App

From the Zenefits Mobile App, workers who are paid through Zenefits Payroll can view current and past pay stubs by selecting the Pay Stubs option from the Zenefits Mobile App.

To view a pay stub, click the Pay Day drop-down menu and select the pay date.

Each pay stub allows workers to view the following information:

  • Net Pay: The total amount paid to the individual. This is earnings minus standard taxes and deductions.
  • Earnings: The total amount earned.
  • Deductions: The amount deducted from total earnings. This can range from medical, dental, and vision deductions to any contributions towards other benefits.
  • Taxes Withheld: The amount of taxes withheld.
  • Employer Contributions: The amount an employer has paid towards the individual's medical, dental, and vision coverage. This amount does not affect net pay or earnings.
  • Employer Taxes Withheld: The amount of taxes withheld for the employer. This amount does not affect net pay or earnings.
  • Year to Date: The amount of earnings, deductions, and taxes withheld for the year to the pay check date.
Click here for information on how to view paystybs on a deskop or laptop computer. 

This feature is only available for workers paid through Zenefits Payroll. Customers who use the Contractors app to pay their independent contractors will not be able to view pay statements through the mobile app.

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