What is the Inbox tab on the Zenefits Mobile App?

Your Mobile Inbox helps you stay on top of your to do list and keeps you informed of important updates. You can access the inbox by logging in to your Zenefits account through the mobile app and tapping Inbox from the bottom menu.

The two types of items you'll find in your inbox include :

1. Tasks - Tasks are items you need to complete or take action to complete. Tapping on the task will take you to the page where you can complete that action. 

  • Note: Tasks will remain in your inbox until you mark them as Complete

2. Notifications - Notifications are sent to your inbox to keep you updated on important or relevant information. There is no action to complete with a notification. 

  • Note: To delete a notification after you've read it, tap the Archive button. If you do not archive, the notification will remain in your inbox

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