Why is this employee missing from the terminations report?

There are two primary reasons why an employee is missing from the Terminations report for Payroll Reports and File Sync:

  • Only employees marked as terminated from payroll when they are terminated through Zenefits will display on the Terminations report. 
  • Terminated employee are added to the termination report that covers the period which includes the date of actual termination.

    For example:

    • A manager requests a termination for an employee on March  28th  for an effective termination date of April  6th, the following week. When terminating the employee, the manager chooses Yes when Zenefits asks if the employee should be terminated from payroll.

    • The employee's pay schedule is weekly. Even though the termination was entered for the current period, the employee will be added to the following week's payroll report, which covers the period that includes the actual termination date.

Contact Support if a terminated employee isn't present in the Termination report, and their actual termination date has passed.

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