How will the Zenefits app work for me if I am both an admin and an employee?

The Mobile app has an employee/manager/admin toggle, but it isn't accessible from the app landing page. Instead, it will show only on relevant screens and comes by default for all users who have assigned permissions.

For example, if you are an employee who clocks in and out, and also an admin who needs to review employees' hours, when you go to the Time Clock tab and tap History from the top right, you will see a screen with the option to toggle between You and Company. When You is selected, you'll see the details from your employee profile. When Company is selected, you'll see the details of your admin profile.

If you have any direct reports, you will also see the option to toggle to Team. This will provide you with your direct reports' information in areas that you might need to view their details, such as in Time Clock or Time Off.

Some apps are available to managers and admins only. For example, employees and contingent workers will not have the option to view the Hiring section if they do not have any assigned admin permissions.

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