Business Intelligence


The Business Intelligence app is where Zenefits houses your reports, both pre-made and custom.


By the end of this section, you'll know how to navigate the Business Intelligence app and create custom reports.


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Zenefits created the Business Intelligence app to help save you time, money, and resources. Within this app, you’ll see your data from all over the Zenefits platform, giving you an all-in-one reporting system that empowers you to view and filter your data in real-time

There are three tabs within the app: Overview, Premade Reports, and Custom Reports. Overview gives you a quick view of major staffing and compensation trends, upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries, and turnover reporting.

Premade Reports includes the cards from the Overview section as well as many more. Here, you’ll see charts, HR reports, benefits-related reports, time and attendance reports, and so on. The Business Intelligence app shows available reports from the other apps that you have active. Depending on the report you choose, you will see moment-in-time reporting or be able to select data from a range of time. 

We know that customization is important to our customers, which is why we built the Custom Reports section where you can build new reports and schedule them to run when needed. Click Create Custom, name the report, select the fields that you’d like to include, choose your run frequency, and format (XLSX or CSV). From there you’ll see a summary and can Go Back or Create Report. The report will live within your Custom Reports section moving forward and can be run manually in addition to its scheduled frequency. 

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