Managing Deductions Through Pay Connect

Zenefits will automatically calculate and update payroll deductions for companies who are signed up for Ben Admin or Ben Connect and Pay Connect Sync. Zenefits can also update your payroll provider with basic hiring information if you do not have Ben Admin or Ben Connect but are using a payroll provider compatible with Pay Connect sync. If you're not using a compatible sync provider, you can also use Pay Connect checklist to help manage deductions.

Which benefits are typically post-tax?

Here's a list of benefits that are typically deducted from employees after taxes: Life Insurance Long Term Disability (LTD) Short Term Disability (STD) Roth 401(k) Com... Learn more

What do pre-tax and post-tax mean for deductions?

In the context of deductions, pre-tax deductions are taken from an employee's gross earnings before taxes are calculated for those earnings. In other words, the employee's taxab... Learn more

Managing Monthly Deductions with Pay Connect

For companies on synced Pay Connect who run payroll on a monthly basis, Zenefits pushes normal and catch-up deductions once a month. Companies with Pay Connect checklist will be... Learn more

Managing Semi-monthly Deductions with Pay Connect

Zenefits will push deductions to payroll twice a month for those paid semi-monthly. Companies using payroll checklist will be able to download a report with details on updated d... Learn more

Managing Bi-Weekly Deductions with Pay Connect

For companies that sync payroll, Zenefits will push deduction amounts to payroll for those paid bi-weekly depending on the bi-weekly calculation method Zenefits uses for that co... Learn more

Managing Weekly Deductions with Pay Connect

For companies who use Pay Connect synced payroll, Zenefits will push to payroll the normal deduction amounts for those paid weekly four times a month. In months with a fifth pay... Learn more

Deduction Details in Payroll and on Paystubs

Separate deduction amounts are pushed to payroll for each line of coverage managed through Zenefits Ben Admin or Ben Connect. Employer contribution amounts are automatical... Learn more

Managing Deductions for Multiple Pay Schedules with Pay Connect

For synced companies who have multiple pay schedules, Zenefits can calculate an individual's deductions based on the individual pay schedule (monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, o... Learn more

Mapping Deductions in Zenefits

Zenefits syncs deductions to your payroll provider via deduction codes. These codes ensure that your workers are correctly deducted and taxed each paycheck. You can map your ded... Learn more

How do I add a deduction for Paylocity or ADP in Pay Connect?

Navigate to the Pay Connect app, then to Settings, then Add Deduction.Enter a name for the deduction. It's recommended that this name match the name of the deduction that is in ... Learn more

Switching to True Biweekly (26x) Deductions

While Zenefits can support deducting on 26 pay periods per year, we strongly recommend deducting on 24 of the 26 pay periods, as this is the default behavior of the system and w... Learn more

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