How Do I Prorate Salaries for Pay Connect?

Zenefits does not currently prorate salaries, i.e., pay a portion of normal salary according to actual time worked for employees in synced payroll accounts. Salaried employees in Zenefits are paid at the full salaried rate for the current pay period.

Salaries for New Hires Synced to Payroll

New hires synced to payroll in the middle of a pay period will be paid for the entire period. For example, if a new hire was hired with three days left in a bi-weekly pay period, then they will be paid for the entire period, not for three days.

Salary Changes 

When salary changes are synced to payroll, Zenefits will not prorate. Learn more here

If you need to prorate a salary, please contact your payroll provider directly. 

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