Pay Connect Sync Common Questions

Pay Connect Sync allows companies to use Zenefits as their system of record for payroll and HR information by automating deductions, hiring, and employee management, all from the Zenefits Dashboard.

How Do I Prorate Salaries for Pay Connect?

Zenefits does not currently prorate salaries, i.e., pay a portion of normal salary according to actual time worked for employees in synced payroll accounts. Salaried employees i... Learn more

How do I Handle Reciprocal Taxation and Pay Connect?

When employees who work and live in different states choose to take advantage of a reciprocal tax agreement between their home and work state, Zenefits will push their resident ... Learn more

How do I Update My Information?

If you are an employee or contingent worker and need to edit the following information, please log into your personal Zenefits account and click on the Personal Information card... Learn more

What data will Zenefits sync to Paragon?

The following is a list of items you can expect to sync from Zenefits to Paragon each day. Demographics Direct Deposit Deductions Payroll & Taxation SSN Effective dates Ar... Learn more

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