Adding New Hires through Pay Connect

Zenefits will push new hires to synced payroll 1-2 days after their hire date as long as the new hire has completed their onboarding. Here's some more information about new hires and Pay Connect.

New Hires Without SSNs and Pay Connect

Though new hires without SSNs can complete their onboarding, Zenefits can't add them to payroll until they receive their SSN. Services in Zenefits that require an SSN will not b... Learn more

ADP File Numbers for New Hires

Zenefits can assign an ADP File Number when pushing a new hire to an ADP account. There's two ways to go about this: Automatically generate file numbers in the ADP accou... Learn more

New Hire Payroll Settings for ADP Workforce

Companies who sync an ADP Workforce payroll account with Zenefits can assign Workforce-specific settings for each new hire in Zenefits. Available settings include: Payroll D... Learn more

New Hire Didn't Show in Payroll

Companies that use Pay Connect should have a new hire synced to payroll within 1-2 days of the hire date. If a new hire has not synced over within 1-2 days of the hire date or d... Learn more

Handling Rehires with Pay Connect

To rehire an employee who was terminated in Zenefits, in the Directory section of the admin dashboard click the Add button. Or click the Hiring app and then click the HireĀ butto... Learn more

New Hire Payroll Settings for Paychex

If any of the following optional fields exist in a synced Paychex account, Zenefits will automatically add them (and their list of options in payroll) into the Zenefits hiring f... Learn more

Add Tax State to Paychex for New Hire

Companies who sync with Paychex should make sure to add a new hire's tax state to Paychex if the account doesn't already have that state. Otherwise, Zenefits cannot push the new... Learn more

Add Unique Numbers for Paychex Organization Codes

Companies who sync a Paychex account should assign unique numbers to each of their Paychex payroll departments (called organizations in Paychex) so that Zenefits can correctly p... Learn more

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