Setting Up Pay Connect Sync

Connect your company's payroll provider via Zenefits Pay Connect to easily manage payroll related information stored in your company's profile.  Learn how to configure your Pay Connect settings here.

Existing payroll accounts must be completely set up (with all employees and payroll information entered in the payroll system) before they can be synced. Zenefits cannot sync with an empty payroll account because the sync cannot match employees in Zenefits with those in payroll.

How do I switch between synced payroll providers?

Looking to seamlessly switch your sync to one of our supported payroll partners, ADP or Paychex? If yes, there are two types of switches:  Sign up for a new payroll account the... Learn more

Checklist for switching between synced payroll providers

1. Make sure your new payroll provider is supported by our sync. Note: Only ADP and Paychex are supported with new Pay Connect sync setup. If switching, you'll also have the opt... Learn more

How do I configure Paychex to sync with Zenefits?

Before you've started the Paychex sync process, you'll need to make sure that your Paychex account is configured to support the sync. Make sure you are an Online Client If... Learn more

Can I set up Pay Connect Sync with an S Corp?

Before syncing payroll with ADP or PayChex, administrators of S Corps should decide whether to have Zenefits manage benefits costs for their their more than 2% shareholders (own... Learn more

Can I use two-factor authentication with Pay Connect?

Two factor authentication, also known as multi-factor authentication (MFA), is a two-step process for login authentication that requires a user to prove their identity through t... Learn more

How do I Update Permissions for the Zenefits User in Paychex?

Once the Paychex sync process has been initiated, a company and/or payroll administrator will need to update the Zenefits' user permissions directly in Paychex in order to compl... Learn more

How to Authenticate Your Gusto Account in Zenefits

With the adoption of Gusto's API technology, you may be required to authenticate your login credentials if:your Zenefits and Gusto sync was broken prior to the adoption of Gusto... Learn more

Using Zenefits Pay Connect with Gusto

With the increased focus on data security and privacy protection happening broadly all over the world, Zenefits and Gusto have both taken steps to review customer account securi... Learn more

How to set up the Paragon sync in Pay Connect

First, you’ll need to contact Customer Care in order to enable the sync between Paragon and Zenefits. Once a member of the Zenefits Customer Care team has enabled the sync, you ... Learn more

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