Making Changes Through Pay Connect

Here is a guide to making changes with payroll sync.

Information that Zenefits Will Push to Payroll

Here's a list of employee information that Zenefits will push to payroll. For more specific information on new hires and synced payroll, see this guide. To see the information t... Learn more

Information that Zenefits Will Not Push to Payroll

Depending on which payroll provider you've selected in Zenefits Pay Connect, there are some fields that cannot be synced over. Changes to any of these fields need to be made dir... Learn more

Timelines for Payroll Changes Pushed by Zenefits

Most updates made in Zenefits are typically pushed to the payroll system within 1-2 business days. For an up-to-date list of information that Zenefits will sync to payrol... Learn more

Multiple Pay Periods with Pay Connect

Zenefits can manage deductions for synced payroll accounts with multiple pay schedules. Companies with synced Intuit, QuickBooks or ManagePayroll accounts can assign indi... Learn more

Updating Pay Schedules with Pay Connect Sync

For synced payroll, all changes to a company's pay schedules (e.g., adding a new schedule, changing workers from one schedule to another) should be made in payroll. When the syn... Learn more

How can I cancel Pay Connect?

When payroll is unsynced, Zenefits won't push anything to payroll, and all updates (deductions, new hires, employee information, etc.) must be manually entered in payroll. In... Learn more

Managing Pay-per-piece Earnings in Zenefits

Zenefits doesn't provide the ability to enter "piecework" or "pay-per-piece" compensation for employees. These wages must be manually added in payroll. If piecework employe... Learn more

Salary Changes and Pay Connect

Salary changes can be set in Zenefits to take effect immediately or on a future date and will push to payroll within 1-2 business days of either date. For immediate reques... Learn more

Update Department with Pay Connect

Changes made to an assigned department in Zenefits will push to a synced Paychex or ADP Workforce account in 1-2 days. The list of available departments will be pulled f... Learn more

How do I change my pay schedules with Pay Connect?

If you need to make any changes to your company's payroll schedules, e.g., to switch from a semi-monthly pay frequency to a bi-weekly pay frequency, just make the change directl... Learn more

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