FAQs About Pay Connect Sync

Zenefits' payroll sync is a one-way system that pushes changes to payroll. There's currently no way to run a report in Zenefits to determine the differences between Zenefits and payroll. There is more information about available reporting here

However, those who sync Paylocity using Zenefits' File Sync can download reports from Paylocity and upload them to Zenefits to make a comparison through the Sync Back tool.

Zenefits can only sync with one payroll account at a time so that the sync is able to match employees in Zenefits and in payroll, and push changes made in Zenefits to the right fields in payroll.

Zenefits doesn't support the same kind of sync with ADP Run as for other payroll providers. However, companies with ADP RUN can use Payroll Reports to download changes made in Zenefits (e.g., new hires; terminations; and employee modifications to bank, tax, or personal information) and use this information to manually update an ADP RUN account. Here's how to set up Payroll reports.

Zenefits does not sync employees' email addresses with payroll accounts. Here's a list of other information that doesn't sync to payroll.

No, employees with international home or work addresses are not synced to payroll.

If you've completed your action items (e.g., added a Withholding Account ID or other state Tax ID) for payroll, make sure to click on the request in your Zenefits Dashboard and mark it as a Done. Otherwise, you'll continue to receive email notifications.

In order to sync an existing, fully setup account

  1.  Click on the Pay Connect app
  2. Select Settings
  3. Under Payroll Settings, select the pencil and choose your provider from the drop down menu.

Companies who already sync a payroll account can sign up for a new Zenefits Payroll account by clicking on the Payroll app.

To switch to another provider, such as Paychex, QuickBooks, or another supported provider, sign up with new provider, then set up the new account and enter all employee information. When the new account is complete, click on the Pay Connect app, navigate to Settings and select the pencil icon on the top right to choose another provider from the dropdown menu. 

There is more information about switching between synced providers here

For companies who sync their payroll account, Zenefits will recognize changes to pay frequencies made in payroll, and update employee deductions in Zenefits based on the new pay frequency. Any deductions will be calculated from the start of the pay frequency change.

Please note that you will need to change your payroll frequency in your payroll account and directly handle any reconciliations.

If you are also using Time & Attendance, see here

ADP Workforce allows administrators to briefly describe the cause for a given employee's termination using a termination reason, and create a list of these reasons in payroll. When Zenefits sets up the sync for an ADP Workforce account, the sync pulls in the company's list of termination reasons. These reasons are available (as a drop-down selection) in Zenefits when an employee is terminated so that Zenefits can push the reason to payroll.

Since the list of reasons in use is customizable when the account is set up, each company may have a different list.

Example include:

  • End of Contract
  • Resignation
  • Transferred
  • Attendance

If you don't want Zenefits to sync a new hire to payroll, do not select the Collect for payroll option when hiring the employee in Zenefits.

Adding Zenefits User to payroll is safe, and provides three main benefits. It ensures the sync's success, secures sensitive information, and provides transparency into changes pushed to payroll.

  • Success: Adding a Zenefits User to the account ensures that the sync is successful by:
    • helping the sync to push to an account with two-factor authentication enabled.
    • identifying the right company in a multi-tenant account.
  • Security: By adding a Zenefits User, administrators won't need need to provide personal information or account credentials (user name and password). Since Zenefits will only have access through the Zenefits User's credentials, Administrators can disable the Zenefits User's access at any time.
  • Transparency and Accountability: The addition of a Zenefits User provides a means to determine when, why, and how changes were made to payroll through Zenefits.

You are able to utilize this using the Zenefits Court Ordered Dependents (COD) flow. Once the court ordered dependent is added in the Zenefits system, deductions will then be synced to payroll.

For all other items, you will need to input the values directly into your payroll system. As we are not your provider, we would not be able to give you the applicable instructions to do so.

At this time, contingent workers hired in the Zenefits system cannot be pushed directly into your payroll provider's system using the Pay Connect sync.

If I enter a contingent worker's information directly into my payroll system, will it pull into Zenefits from the scrape?

No, the payroll sync would not pull in any contingent worker information to Zenefits from your payroll system. You will need to enter the information directly in both systems.

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