Using Time & Attendance with Pay Connect

Zenefits automatically pushes Time & Attendance hours to payroll for companies with Intuit Full Service Payroll and Gusto. Companies without payroll sync can generate manual reports to update their payroll systems.

How to turn off Inuit payroll classes for Sync with Time & Attendance

In order for Time & Attendance to push hours to an Intuit Full Service Payroll account, the payroll classes option under Payroll Track must be disabled. Otherwise, hours must be... Learn more

Why didn't my hours push from Time & Attendance?

There are a variety of reasons your hours didn't push from Time & Attendance. In the event there are any errors, the Pay Runs page in Time & Attendance will provide specific ins... Learn more

How to push Time & Attendance hours to Gusto

For companies who sync payroll with Gusto, all approved Time & Attendance hours will be pushed once per pay period. Companies that do not have synced payroll can run manual repo... Learn more

Pay Connect and Zenefits Time & Attendance

Approved hours from Time & Attendance will be automatically pushed to payroll for companies who sync a payroll account with either Gusto or Intuit Full Service Payroll (requires... Learn more

Upload hours from Time & Attendance to ADP Workforce

Companies who use ADP Workforce can download reports of hours from Time & Attendance from the Payroll Runs page (as Excel files or .csv (comma-separated values) and upload them ... Learn more

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