Pay Connect Reports

Companies who aren't eligible for Pay Connect Sync can use Payroll Checklist to download payroll updates in the form of reports from Zenefits and enter the changes into payroll.

Set Up Payroll Checklist

Click on the Pay Connect app from your Zenefits dashboard to begin setup for Payroll Checklist. Payroll Checklist is compatible with any payroll provider.To begin setup for Payr... Learn more

Prepare and Download Exports from Pay Connect

Here's how companies who use Pay Connect can export payroll information for a specific pay period and use the reports to update payroll. 1. Prepare and Download Payroll Reports... Learn more

Accessing Previous Pay Period Reports in Pay Connect

Click the Reports tab to download any previous reports.If your company has more than one pay schedule set up, select one.Select if the report should be from one Pay Period or fr... Learn more

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