Compare in People Analytics

Learn about viewing detailed data for employees, candidates, requisitions, and more.

In the Compare room you will find a comparison grid that lets you surface data about subject members such as employees, candidates, and requisitions.

By analyzing attributes side by side, you can answer time-sensitive questions like:

  • Should I make a counteroffer to keep an employee from leaving?
  • Who is the best internal candidate to fill a new leadership position?
  • Do I have enough quality applicants for a requisition?

The sections in this topic describe how to analyze detailed data for employees in the Compare room.

To access Compare, on the navigation bar, click Compare.

The Compare workflow

  1. Add individual employees or groups to the comparison grid.
  2. Analyze employee attributes side by side to answer your business questions.
  3. Pin an employee to calculate the differences between attribute values and see how an individual stacks up against the group.

When you pin an employee, you are creating a baseline comparison:

  • If you want to compare an employee to their direct peers, pin an employee to calculate the individual differences between attribute values.
  • If you want to compare an employee to an employee group, pin an employee to visualize how the employee stacks up against the group. A Distribution visual is created to show how attribute values are distributed for a group. This allows you to assess whether an employee's attribute value is above or below the median for the group.

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