People Analytics Overview

Learn about the People Analytics.

People Analytics provides curated visualizations and predictive insights to allow employers to transform workplace programs and increase employee satisfaction.

Leaders can get answers to common questions and quickly spot trends within their workforce to ensure they’re implementing the right programs and making the best decisions.

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People Analytics provides interactive visualizations, secure exploration of analysis, comparison, what-if analysis, data journalism, and more.

  • Get acquainted with the user interface and learn how to navigate your solution.
  • Conduct ad hoc analysis in the solution.
  • View detailed data for employees, candidates, requisitions, etc.
  • Shape your data into a well-crafted story that will engage and persuade key stakeholders.
  • Save charts to revisit historical insights.
  • Leverage Visier metrics and data outside of the solution with Data Exports.
  • Learn about and find guidance for the different visual types available in the solution.

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