People Hub FAQs

If you select certain settings when creating your post, then everyone in your company will be able to see your post. However, the viewability of the post is up to you. The viewability options are:
  • Entire company
  • Your team
  • A specific department or location
Everyone who has visibility into that post will be able to see your comment.

Yes! However, Zenefits doesn't allow you to hyperlink any URLs for security purposes. Instead, the entirety of the URL will be displayed in the post, and will be clickable for anyone viewing your post in the feed.

Why can't I click on the post from my dashboard?

To get to the Feed from your dashboard, you can click on the View All link in the right corner. Or, you can scroll down and click on the People Hub tile.

How do I post an announcement in the People Hub?

After you've clicked View All or on the People Hub tile on your dashboard, you'll be brought to the feed. Then, you can click the Create Post button to start your announcement.

First, you'll enter your message. Note that most emojis are supported if you're on a mobile device. If you add a link in it will be clickable, but not able to be hyperlinked in the message. You can't add any files or attachments.

Then you'll choose who can see the post from these options:

  • everyone in the company
  • your team (your manager, peers, and any of your direct reports)
  • specific locations and/or departments
Once you click Post, the audience of the post will be notified of the announcement via mobile push notification if they have that turned on.

Once you've posted an announcement on the People Hub, you can delete it by clicking on the three stacked dots and hitting Delete. Once you confirm you'd like to delete the post, it will be removed from everyone's feeds. No one will be notified that you deleted the announcement.

Note that you cannot retrieve an announcement once it has been deleted.

You can edit the message of your announcement but you won't be able to change the visibility. You can edit the post by clicking the three stacked dots on your announcement. Then once you've made your changes, press Save. No one will be notified that your post has been edited.

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