What is People Hub?

People Hub is a new feature in Zenefits that allows your workers to engage with each other through technology. Workers will see any announcements posted on the company's Social Feed, as well as any Tasks that need to be completed in Zenefits. Help your remote workforce feel connected by posting about birthdays, work anniversaries, and upcoming company events, such as open enrollment.

How does People Hub work?

The People Hub is located right on your Zenefits dashboard. When you log in to your Zenefits account, the People Hub can be accessed right at the top of the page through the Vie... Learn more

Who can use People Hub?

People Hub is available to all workers of a company, but will default to excluding any contingent or international workers.The main company administrator on the account can also... Learn more

What can I do in People Hub?

People Hub acts like a social feed in Zenefits, allowing you to easily engage with your coworkers.Create a postComment on postsShare upcoming eventsReminders about deadlines or ... Learn more

How can I customize notification settings for People Hub?

How to customize mobile app notifications:Open the Zenefits app on your mobile device.Tap the More tab from the bottom navigation menu.Tap on People Hub.Tap on the Settings link... Learn more

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