All About Well-being

What is Well-being?

Well-being powered by Thrive is a wellness program that focuses on improving the health and sustainable performance of a company's workforce. Well-being strives to do this by uncovering helpful insights into their needs and integrating these into their day to day workplace activities.

How can it help?

Employees take certified assessments to identify any opportunities for insight. These assessments will also help pinpoint any pain points for their company, and provide tailored solutions that best fit their needs. 

What can I expect as an admin?

Admins of a company can expect to see anonymized, aggregated results of their employees' assessments. Easily check your employees' current well-being mindsets and behaviors with pre-built templates rooted in behavioral science. In addition, you'll have personalized recommendations to relevant well-being content, tools, and training based on your employees' answers, allowing your company to proactively address workplace stress through customized learning.

What can I expect as an employee?

You can expect to take some short proprietary assessment surveys developed by Thrive to measure different dimensions of well-being. You'll receive customized Thrive content based on potentially stress-inducing life events that are captured in the Zenefits platform. 

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