Linking two or more user accounts in Zenefits

When registering for a new Zenefits account as a new employee or administrator, anyone who has previously registered in Zenefits can choose to either link the new and previous accounts under the same master email address, or create a new account by entering new, different personal email.

Please note that if you are linking an external administrator account to an employee account, this must be initiated through your employee account.

Linking a New Account

When a previously registered email address is entered during registration, you'll be presented with two options:

  1. Click Link to an Existing Zenefits Account and re-enter the same email address to link the previous account with the new one. Afterwards, this master email address should be used to log in to Zenefits.
  2. Enter a new personal email and password to register with the current company and keep the two accounts separate.

Linking Existing Accounts

If you have two accounts that have not been linked during registration, then you can link them afterwards. 

  1. You'll first need to log into Zenefits with the registered email that will be shared across all accounts, as this will be your master email address. 
  2. After selecting the circle icon in the upper right hand corner, you will select Account Settings, Manage Linked Accounts, then click the +Add Account link.

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