Change the company bank account

As an administrator, you can change the company's bank account by following the instructions below: 

1. Select the Company Profile application
2. Click "Billing & Payments" on the left-hand  side
3. Scroll to the Payroll Bank Account section and click "Change"
4. Verification Process
  • Instant Verification - If your bank is supported, you'll enter your bank login to securely connect with your bank and verify your account in seconds.
  1. Select Instant Verification then click "Continue"
  2. Search or select your bank and enter your banking credentials to verify your bank instantly
  • Manual Verification - You'll enter your bank account information, then we'll make two small test deposits into your account. You'll need to enter the deposit amounts in Zenefits to verify your account. 
  1. Click Manual Verification then click "Continue"
  2. Enter the Account Holder's name, select the Account Type, and enter the routing and account number
  3. Click "Save & Continue"
  4. Upload a voided check to confirm the account type
  5. After receiving two small deposits, return to the Bank & Billing Information section to verify the deposits
Please note that only the main company administrator can remove bank account or credit card information. 

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